Neon CRM Integration


You will need to log in to your Neon CRM account and locate your Organization ID and your API key. 

  • Your user name is located under Settings (gear icon) > Organization Profile > Scroll down to Account Information > Organization ID. 
  • The API key is located under Settings > User Management > locate the 3 (…) click on the (...) and there is a Copy API Key tab. Click the Copy.
  • Within your ClickBid Admin, go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit > Dashboard > Neon CRM > Connect> enter your user name and API key. Then click Connect.

To locate your user name in Neon CRM, please follow the following screenshots. (organization id is your user name)

Now that your Neon CRM and admin have been integrated together your Neon CRM box will now show connected and you will have a new tab under the Connect to BidKit page for Neon CRM. The drop-down arrow will have Import Bidders, Export/Update Bidders, Export Sales & Activity Log.

Import Bidders: 

To Import your bidders that are in Neon CRM go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit > Neon CRM > Import Bidders. You can Select a Campaign from the filter or have it set to All. 

  • You can set the show to All and this will bring up your list of Accounts in Neon CRM. To the far right, you will see the words Not Yet or Imported next to the names. 
  • Not yet means they have not been imported into the admin as a bidder yet. Imported means they were already imported into the admin as a Bidder. 

To import your accounts check the small box next to each person's name that you are ready to import as a bidder into the admin then click the import button. (this should take no more than 5 minutes) 

If there is a bidder you decide you do not want to be imported go to Bidders > Manage Bidders > check on that bidder > scroll down to Batch Update > check the small box next to delete > type delete > click update. That will remove the bidder from the admin and in BidKit the Imported field will change back to not yet. 

Export/Update Bidders:

You will have the ability to export new contacts to Neon CRM and update or link to existing Neon CRM clients. If you know they are not in your Neon CRM account yet then choose the option Add New Contact in Neon CRM

If you know they are an existing contact in Neon CRM, go to your Neon CRM account and click on the Accounts tab>Click Accounts again> Then in the Search area enter the bidder's first and last name and click enter. Once you located the bidder, find the ID field and that is the number you will need to enter in the 'Link to Existing Neon CRM Contact' field. 


Locate Neon CRM ID 

Once you have determined if they are a new contact in Neon CRM or an Existing Neon CRM Contact then go back to your Export/Update Bidders to Neon CRM. Check the box next to the bidders you are ready to export and in the operation drop-down choose the correct field. Then click the Export/Update button. This should take no longer than 5 minutes to export. 

*Required: State is a required field for exporting. Under Bidders > Manage Bidders > in the bidder record in the address field State is required to export to Neon CRM.

You can locate your exported bidders in Neon CRM by going to the Accounts tab and in the dropdown clicking on the Accounts button.

Once your bidders have been exported and linked to Neon CRM, new fields will populate under the Export/Update Bidders to Neon CRM tab allowing you to update your bidders if you changed their phone number or email address in your Admin under Bidders > Manage Bidders. You also have the option to remove the link between the Bidder and the Neon CRM Account. 



  • You can export paid Ticket Sales, Text-to-Give/Online Donations, and Auction Items into Neon CRM. 
  • In order for the Auction Items to show once they are sold under Connect to BidKit > Export Sales, the items must be set to a Closed Status to export the sale. 
  • If you have archived your sales data and would like to export the data to Neon CRM, you will have to go to Software Settings > Connect to Archives > Download CSV of Sales and export manually into Neon CRM. Please check with your Neon CRM Account to see if this is an option. 

1. Once you are ready to export your sales from the admin to Neon CRM go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit > Neon CRM > Export Sales.

2. Under the tag Neon CRM Match, there will either be Contact ID- (numbers) for the Neon CRM id already linked or Attempt Match. 

a) For the Attempt Match click on the hourglass and if they made a match either by name or associated phone/email that will show as a successful connection or if no match is found, you can Create New Contact. 

If you already know the matching Neon CRM id you can click on the pencil and that will allow you to enter the id #.  

Once you have the id set check the small box next to the item name that you want to send to Neon CRM and click Export Sales. 

Once you click the Export Sales, another box will appear and you will need to choose the Campaign you want the Sales to be sent to. 


NOTE: Names of the individual ticket, sponsorship, underwriting, auction item, or donation will pull through to Neon CRM. The full donation amount is sent. The FMV is sent via the Notes field of the Neon CRM Donation Summary.

Example: Bidder #100 purchased Item 123 for $500 and the FMV set on the item is $300. So $500 will be sent as the donation and $300 will show in the Notes field as FMV: $300. If the FMV is 0 or Priceless, nothing will show in the Notes field for FMV.

The sales are sent as donations. 

You will be able to locate your sales in Neon CRM under Fundraising > Donations & Pledges, you can filter by the campaign or search for a specific user/account ID.

  • Exporting Sales from your Ticket Page will include Ticket Name, Sponsorship Name, Underwriting (all with FMV), and the donation if any were made through the Ticket Page. 
  • The Ticket Purchaser is the only one that will export under Export Sales. The guests from your ticket page who have been turned into Bidders can be exported to your Salesforce Integration by going to the Export/Update Bidders Tab in Connect to BidKit.


To disconnect your admin from Neon CRM, simply go to Software Settings > Connect BidKit and then press the blue Connected button. This will disconnect your admin from Neon CRM. 


Internal Server Error when exporting sales: Neon CRM only allows 5 API calls per second, so when selecting all your sales at once and exporting you may receive this error message. We suggest selecting 10-15 sales at a time first and then exporting. If the export was successful without the internal server error message, you can bump up your sales to 25-50 at a time. We would recommend not exceeding 50 at a time due to the API calls per second rule that Neon CRM has in place.