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How To Preview the Bidding Site Prior to Event Opening


This best practice will walk you through how to preview your bidding site prior to your event being open for bidding.

1) Set Items to Active or Closed.

Navigate to Items > Manage Items > Select all items  and scroll down to Batch Update. Here, you can select the Status setting and switch all items to either Active or Closed. Items with an Invisible status will not be available for preview. 

2) Create Yourself as a Bidder, if you are not already in the system!

Navigate to Bidders > Manage Bidders > Add New Bidder. Ensure the contact information added within the Bidder profile is readily available for a quick log in process

3) Open Auction Early Setting

Navigate to Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area > Open Auction Early > YES. 

4) Login with Phone Number or Email Address. 

From the Event Landing Page, login with your bidder account by entering your phone number or email into the Welcome! area. 

5) Complete the Login Process

A login code will be sent to whichever device you attempted to login with. Obtain the login code from your corresponding device and enter it within the screen. It is important to not leave this screen once you are at the login area.

6) View Bidding Site as a Bidder

Once you are fully logged in as a bidder, you can preview all items, images and other bidding site information. 

7) Log out of Your Bidding Profile 

Once you are done previewing the bidding site, please logout. You can do this by clicking the MENU button. At the very bottom is a logout button. 

8) Close Auction 

Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area > Open Auction Early > NO. Switching this back to NO allows no one else to attempt to login and bid. 

Preview your items before the event WITHOUT opening the auction

1) Under Items > Manage Items

Make sure your item's closing times are set to the future and are either Closed (preview only) or Active (only biddable when the auction is open)

2) Navigate to Software Settings > Landing Page Content 

Under Page Settings, update the Show Auction Preview setting to either Below Content Areas or Below Main Banner 

3) Under Event Central > Landing Page

Launch your Landing page to view your Auction Preview!