Recurring Donations

What is a Recurring Donation? A Recurring Donation is when a donor elects to make a regular, ongoing donation instead of a one-time gift. This feature makes it easy to receive sustainable donations to your organization all year long. Use the table of contents below to navigate this best practice. Also, clicking on an image will enlarge it.

Admin Experience

Setting Up Recurring Donations

On a Donation Item, you must turn on the setting to allow recurring donations.

If a donation item is set up for recurring donations, there will be a tag for recurring. 

To allow recurring donations on your Text-To-Give or online donation form, please turn the setting for ‘Allow Recurring Donations’ on. Donations/Text-To-Give > Settings > Allow Recurring Donations.

To find all your recurring donations, you can go to the Recurring Donors tab. 

This page will only show recurring donations. So, if the same donor gave a regular one-time donation, it will not be shown on this screen but can be found in other areas of the admin.

To view a donor’s history of recurring giving, you can click on the blue ‘History’ tag.

After a Recurring Donation has been processed, the admin contact of the organization will receive an email receipt of the transaction.

If a donor cancels their recurring donation, the Admin Contact Email Address (Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information) will receive a notification about the change in status. 

Sample Cancel Email:

Sample Paused Email:

Differentiating a One-Time Donation from a Recurring Donation

Donations/Text To Give > Manage Donations, on these two donations shown below, you can see one has a green ‘$recurs’ tag. This means that this donation is a Recurring Donation and not a one-time donation. You can click on the green ‘$recurs’ tag to see when the donation will happen, the amount and to see if the donor covered the credit card fee.

Send Login Link to Donor

Under the Recurring Donations tab, there is a 'Send Login Link' button next to each donor where the organization can resend the link for the donor to update their donor profile. If a donor may have lost or cannot remember how to login to their Donor Profile, the admin user can send the link.

NOTE: You can not send login link until the first recurring donation has occurred, which you will know has happened because there will also be a history link.   

Refunding a Recurring Donation

All recurring donation refunds can be submitted by going to Donations/Text to Give > Manage Donations and clicking on the refund icon.

Donor Experience 

Online / Text-to-Give Donation Page

When a donor donates from the Online Donation page, they have the option to ‘Donate Once’ or ‘Donate Monthly’.

After the bidder adds the donation amount and clicks Donate Monthly, they will be presented with a popup box to set up their preferences for their recurring donation. They will have to press Confirm to verify their donation. 

When making a recurring donation through the Online/Text-to-Give Donation page, you will have a popup box to complete your donation. The popup will have your recurring donation amount and date.

Bidding Site Donation Page

When a bidder donates to a Donation item within your silent auction, they will receive this popup message asking if they want to donate once or see the monthly options.

When Monthly Options is clicked, a new popup will appear, allowing you to change the monthly amount, opt-out of paying the credit card fees, or donate once.

After completing the donation, the bidder will be presented with the red PAY! Button (if guests can checkout from a phone is turned to yes) to checkout for their donation.

After checking out, there will be a green confirmation message for 15 seconds, letting the bidder know about their donation. The details and bidder statement will be emailed to the email on file.

Donor Receipt

The donor will receive an emailed receipt for their recurring donation. The email will include the recurring details and will also have a link for them to manage their donor profile.

**This receipt is sent after each monthly donation

Recurring Donor Online Profile Set Up

Once the donor clicks the link from the receipt, they will see this confirmation message. The donor will then have to verify their email address before setting up their account. The verification link sent via email expires after 60 mins. 

Note: If a donor has previously set this donor profile up, when they click the link on the receipt, it will take the bidder straight to the manage donor profile, bypassing the login.

The donor will then receive an email about verifying their email address.

Once the donor verifies their email address, they will have to create a password.

Once the donor sets their password, they will be prompted to log in with their email address and password they just created.

Once logged in, the donor can click MENU to show their Profile, Manage their Recurring Donations, or Log Out.

Profile Tab 

Under the Profile tab, the donor can find Contact Info, Login Info, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Credit Cards. 

Contact Info: Your donor can update their contact information.

Login Info: Your donor can update their username and password associated with their recurring donation profile.


Email Addresses: Your donor can add or remove an email address.  


Phone Numbers: Your donor can add or remove any phone numbers associated with their profile.


Credit Cards: This tab will show any credit cards on file. If there is only 1 card on file, there will not be an option to delete the card. If there are more than one, there is an option to delete all but one. If the card is set to expire in the next 3 months, there will be an Expiring Soon tag. There is also an Expired tag.

Manage Recurring Donations Tab

Under the Manage Recurring Donations tab, you can view upcoming donations, edit the details, view donation history, or can make a one-time donation while keeping your monthly donation the same.


When you click on Update Details, you can edit the recurring donation, amount, credit card, change the date, or change the status of the donation from Monthly to Paused or Canceled.


If a recurring donation had been previously made, you can also view your donation history on the View History Tab. You can view any past receipts or export a report.