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Landing Page Images and Adding a button

Landing Page Section Images

The recommended max image size for the sections of your landing page is 1980 x 1080. When adding an image, go to the section you want to add the image to, click the Image icon in the toolbar and click on the "Drop Image (or click)" section that pops up. 

We recommend using either .png or .jpg images.

Once the image is uploaded you can adjust the size even more by clicking on the image and dragging the blue corners of the image.

Adding a 'Button' on your Landing Page:

  1. Find an image that looks like a button from Google 
    1. Tip: Transparent background for PNG images
  2. Save the image to your computer 
  3. From Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Any section, add an image to the content area. 
  4. Once the image is uploaded and in the correct spot, click on the image, then click on the link icon. 

5. Add the link to the image. 

a) This could be the link to your ticket page, online donation form or any other link you want to add.

6. Once you have the link entered, click 'insert'. 

Once you have clicked insert, you can check your landing page for the final result. You can click on the image or 'button' you uploaded, which will bring your guests to the link you have added.