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Landing Pages and Social Media

How can we easily allow people to share our Landing Page on Social Media?

  • Navigate to Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings, scroll down to Social Media. Where it says "Show Social Media Buttons?" click Yes. When someone goes to your Landing Page and clicks one of the Social Media icons at the top of the page they will be directed to their home page with a link created that goes to your Landing Page. This allows them to easily share your Landing Page.

The sharing links will appear on your landing page like this:

Bring guests to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page

  • Scroll down to "Landing Page Footer Media Links", enter in your home page URL found on the top of your web browser. It is best to use a computer for this instead of your phone.
  • When someone goes to your Landing Page and scrolls to the bottom of the page they can see the Social Media icons. They will be directed to your home page.

Facebook Image when Sharing Link: We cannot control the image that Facebook uses when sharing your landing page. 

Social Media Links on the Landing Page Footer will look like this: