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Landing Page How To

Click the link to view Sample Landing Pages.

This best practice will walk you through step-by-step how to set up your event's landing page. 

Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings

  • Navigation: Adjust any settings for the very top bar on the landing page. You can include: 
    • The Auction Preview
    • Ticket Page Link
    • Donation/Text to give Link.
    • Login/Register 
  • Main Banner Area: Set your background image and logo which floats over the top of the background. If you have an image that you want to show as a full sized banner image, change the dropdown under Logo Placement Style to "Use My Logo" as a Full Sized Banner Image.
  • Banner Area Colors/Title/Subtitle: Adjust the title of your landing page, background color, and font color. (These will not show if you are using a full sized banner image)
  • Landing Page Footer Details: Gives you the option to show a contact email address at the bottom of your Landing Page. The Landing Page will show "Questions? Contact Us". The 'Contact us' is clickable and will open an email program with the To: being the email address selected under this section. 
  • Social Media: Colorful icons will appear at the top of your landing page and allow your guests to share your event's page on their social media pages. (These will not show if you are using a full sized banner image)
    The grey icons allow your guests to share the individual items on their social media platforms. 
  • Landing Page Footer Media Links: Appears at the bottom of your event's landing page and will bring any individual to the organization's social media pages.

Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area

  • Event Start: you have the option to open your auction earlier than the given start time. This allows your guests to log into the landing page to access the bidding site. If your event is set to open, and you have items set to active, your guests will be able to bid on items. If you plan on opening your auction early, be aware of your item's status' to avoid any early unplanned bidding.
    • The Open Auction Early setting will open the auction immediately, overriding the start date and time. 
  • Content Area
    • Adjust the color of the Go/Register Now Button.
    • Content are below the Go/Register Now Button. 

Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Section A - D

  • If you have purchased the Enhanced Giving Page, you will have additional Sections B - D to add more information to your landing page.

  • In the Content Area, you can add text, pictures, links, videos, landing page shortcodes, and other customizable content.  You can also see your changes in real time with the live view of your landing page located in each section.

  • Check out this best practice that walks you through our Landing Page Shortcodes and how to embed them on the landing page.

  • Best practice on how to add a PDF