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Landing Page and Online Donations

Go to Donations/Text-to-Give > Settings in your Admin. Here you will see several suggestions of use, scroll down to change the settings of this page. 


Having a Text to Give Campaign with no auction? 

Here are some helpful tips to get your Landing Page ready for both a Virtual Event and In-Person

Go to Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings > Navigation

  • You may want to hide your Auction Preview if you are not having an auction
  • Make sure your "Show Donate" is set to Yes
  • Add the Title of your Donation page to "Donate Menu Title"
  • Add pictures/logos to Main Banner Area

Go to Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area 

  • Under Event Start, change the "Open Auction Early?" to No
  • Change the "Vertical Location on Page" to Hide Login/Register Area

Go to Software Settings > Auction Settings > Bidder Settings

  • Change Allow Bidder Registration? to NO.
  • Change " Enable Text to register" to no
  • These settings are normally used for signing up or logging into an auction, by turning them off you can eliminate any confusion

Go to Section A, you have several options to add here

  • Add information about your organization

Use the below links to learn about the best ways to have a Text to Give campaign virtually

See the bottom of this page to learn about having an in-person campaign

  • Click Here! to learn how to add your Appeal Display to your Landing Page.
  • Use our new Shortcode Icon to embed a YouTube video, Website, Leaderboard, Appeal Display, Show Sponsor Logos, or our Donation Form. (In the example below, you will see the Appeal Display being used.) Click Here! to learn how to add these features to your Landing Page.


Once you have everything set up go to Event Central > Landing Page to launch your page and take a look at your creation!

Having an in-person Text-to-Give event and want your Appeal Display on a projector?

  • Go to Event Central > Appeal Display. Step one gives you a drop-down, select TTG-Online Donation.
  • Step two asks you to make any last-minute changes to the appeal screen. Do you want to show a theme? Choose from a Thermometer or a Guage. You must enter a donation goal if you want your thermometer or gauge to go up when donations are entered. You can choose to display your goal.
  • Do you want to show your donor names? 
  • If you have old text to give donations you can choose a date you want to start showing donations and not include your older donations.
  • Lastly, choose if you want to show your Sponsor Logos, these will be pulled in from the Sponsor Logos page found under Software Settings > Sponsor Logos and will be displayed at the bottom of the Appeal page where they will rotate through.
  • Click Launch Appeal and this will pull up a new window for you that shows your appeal screen. This is great for showing on a large tv or projector screen. Watch your audience's excitement grow as the Total Raised amount and Thermometer go up and up!